Renard Model 41 Bassoon

Polypropylene Body

An ideal instrument for middle school use or budget-conscious high schools. Good sound, excellent intonation, durable body and keywork. It's a perfect choice for college methods classes.

A reasonable price, combined with its secure acoustical design, excellent intonation, and durable body have made the Renard Model 41 bassoon a popular choice for school music programs and beginning bassoonists.


Polypropylene, long bore, molded with critical dimensions machined finished. Body Lock.


Nickel silver keys with nickel plating. Full German system. Additional high D key available as an option. Plateau key on wing joint third finger hole. Rollers on F, A(flat), E(flat), and D(flat). Metal tubes extending into the bore in the finger holes of the wing joint to prevent water from entering the tone holes. Spring posts locked with screws.


Our bassoons are designed to be played at a A:440 but can be turned higher with a combination of shorter bocals and higher pitched reeds.


Unless otherwise requested, the Model 41 comes standard with two C bore bocals, #1 and #2 lengths.


Standard case, crutch, 2 drop swabs, seat strap.


  • High D Key
  • Right Hand Whisper Key Lock
  • B(flat) Guard
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