How to Buy an Instrument

Selecting an Instrument

We have many models and options to choose from. Use the information on this website or contact us if you need assistance in making a selection. We often recommend models appropriate for specific needs.

If you would like to try instruments, visitors are always welcome to the factory for a tour and personal instrument testing session. Be sure to schedule your visit in advance so that we can be sure to have the models available that you are interested in trying.

To play test instruments at our promotional events, please check our events schedule or visit us on Facebook for our current schedule.

Locating a Dealer

All sales of Fox and Renard instruments are made through authorized dealers. The drop down dealer menu on this web site offers a comprehensive list of all Fox dealers. Listings by state or by country can help you locate a dealer near you. You are welcome to make use of whatever authorized dealer can best serve your needs.

For persons in parts of the world that may lack access to authorized Fox dealers please contact us directly. We will assist you in locating a dealer and purchasing an instrument in whatever way possible.

Custom Made Instruments

All of our instruments are individually made. This allows us to offer options appropriate for each model. This is especially true for our Fox Bassoons and Contrabassoons for which custom made instruments are routine.

If you have a need for an option which you do not find listed please contact the factory. Special options can be fabricated for unique needs.

Personal assistance

Our goal as instrument makers is to be accessible and responsive to your needs. Call, write, or email if you have any questions about double reed instruments.

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