Fox Model 101 Bassoon

Symphony Bore (Short)

Accoustically, the Fox Model 101 is identical to the Model 201 bassoon with the difference of an additional ten rollers for the right and left hand thumbs. Introduced in 1968, the short bore design features a tone quality that is more "open" than long bore models.


All wood naturally aged and processed in our own facilities. Short bore with natural rubber linings in the wing and small bore of the boot joint. Choice of German (white) bell ring or French (metal) bell ring as well as corked or string wrapped tenons.

Wood Options

  • European Mountain Maple
  • Red Maple


Special resonant finish in light mahogany with flamed tiger striping. Ebony finish available on request. Silver plated keys and trim.


Nickel silver key parts, hinges, and machined parts. Full German system with high D and E keys. Right hand whisper key lock. Rollers on F, A(flat), E(flat) and D(flat). Metal tubes extending into the bore in the finger holes of the wing and boot joints to prevent water from entering the tone holes. Spring posts are locked with screws.

Additional Mechanism for Model 101

Right thumb rollers on B(flat), E, F(sharp), and G(sharp). Left thumb rollers for whisper key, C(sharp), Low D and Low C.


All Fox bassoons are designed to be played at A:440 but can be turned higher with a combination of shorter bocals and higher pitched reeds.


Unless otherwise requested, the Model 101 comes standard with two *CVX* bocals, #2 and #3 lengths, silver plated.


Professional case and cover, neck strap, seat strap, wooden crutch, polishing cloth and silk swab.

Popular Options

  • High A Bridge to Whisper Key
  • Rotary Style Right Hand Whisper Key Lock
  • Left Hand Whisper Key Lock
  • High F Key
  • Two Piece Bass Joint
  • A(flat)/B(flat) Trill Key
  • E(flat) Trill Key
  • Additional Rollers

Please refer to Professional Bassoon Options for a full list of options.

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