Renard Model 51 Bassoon (Short Reach)

Polypropylene Body

An ideal instrument for younger middle school players. The modified keywork is adapted for younger players with small hands. Not recommended for high school and older players.

Introduced in 1964, it uses the same body as a model 41 bassoon. The long bore design gives a warm sound and it’s excellent scale will help a beginning bassoonist get off to a good start. It is a full sized bassoon made for small hands. The biggest difficulty of young players is attempting to handle a large instrument with small hands.


Polypropylene, long bore, molded with critical dimensions machined finished. Body Lock.


Nickel silver keys with nickel plating. Modified German system. Rollers on F, A(flat), E(flat), and D(flat). Metal tubes extending into the bore in the finger holes of the wing joint to prevent water from entering the tone holes. Spring posts locked with screws.

Wing Joint Modifications - No High D Key. A plateau key on the third finger hole helps reduce the finger stretch.

Boot Joint Modifications - No C(sharp) trill key. No Thumb G(sharp) key. No B(flat) trill key. Finger keys are moved closer together to eliminate the wide stretches. Crutch is not provided.

Bass Joint Modifications - Low E(flat) and D(flat) keys are moved to a better position for small hands.


Our bassoons are designed to be played at A:440 but can be tuned higher with a combination of shorter bocals and high pitched reeds.


Unless otherwise requested, the Model 51 comes standard with two C bore bocals, #1 and #2 lengths..


Standard case, 2 drop swabs, seat strap.


  • High D Key
  • B(flat) Guard
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