Adam Trussell Double Reeds Dealer Spotlight

Jan 26, 2022 | Dealer Spotlight | 0 comments

We are incredibly proud to partner with our network of knowledgeable Fox Products dealers from all around the world. We’ll be highlighting a different Fox dealer each month. This month, learn a little bit more about Adam Trussell Double Reeds.

What is your company name?
I operate under two names. I am the owner of Portland Bassoon Company and Adam Trussell Double Reeds.

Where are you located?
I go between Portland, OR and Houston, TX. I was in Portland, OR playing in the Oregon Symphony for ten years but then won a position in the Houston Symphony. I now play in the Houston Symphony and I am also Principal Bassoon in the Oregon Ballet Theater. I also maintain teaching studios in both places.

How long have you been in business?
11 years

Who owns the business and how did it start?
I do! I started the business because most band shops know very little about bassoon. I found that the retailers that rented instruments had very poor quality bassoons so I started buying instruments and fixing them up. I would then rent and/or sell them. I later became a Fox dealer and began selling new bassoons and oboes as well.

What expertise and services do you have to offer customers looking for a Fox instrument?
I love teaching bassoon lessons and making reeds! I have worked on the faculties of many universities including University of Nebraska at Omaha, Creighton University, Lewis and Clark College, University of Portland, and Concordia University. I have assisted in several middle school and high school band programs as well. I have adjudicated competitions including IDRS and all state competitions. I have also taught at summer camps for kids and camps for adults.

I have played in many professional orchestras. I was a member of the Omaha Symphony, the Oregon Symphony, and now I play in the Houston Symphony. Very few dealers have as much professional playing experience as I have. I think my customers appreciate my perspective and feel confident buying from somebody like me.

What is your favorite model Fox or Renard instrument?
My favorite model Fox bassoon is the 220. It’s the instrument I grew up playing on and I feel like it is the best value out there! They have all the key work that the professionals need yet the price point is not prohibitive. The intonation is fantastic and the sound is great as well.

A fun fact, or anything else you’d like to add?
I grew up in Portland, Maine. My second full time professional job was in Portland, OR. My first full time playing job was in Omaha, NE, almost exactly halfway between the two places! If you’re in Omaha you can drive twenty-four hours east and be in Portland, Maine or drive twenty-four hours west and be in Portland, OR. I’ve done both!

I love boating, cycling, playing tennis, and cats. I have two kitties and their names are Eugene and Parker.


To contact Adam Trussell Double Reeds or learn more, visit



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