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Bassoon Gift Ideas for 2022

Nov 23, 2022 | Inspiration | 0 comments

Looking for a bassoon gift? Compared to other musicians, bassoon players can be challenging people to find unique gifts for. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of some other gift items that are a bit more budget friendly. To help you find the perfect present for the special bassoonist in your life, here are some bassoon gift ideas for 2022.

Reed Maker Gifts

Reed Knife

An essential tool for anyone that makes their own reeds. Just like an artist can always use a new set of paint brushes, a reed maker can always use another reed knife.

Tool Pouch

Reed making tool storage can be tricky, especially for a reed maker on the go. A tool pouch is a great gift for anyone that makes reeds. This small bag can easily hold a variety of reed knives and tools, as well as everyday bassoon essentials like a reed case or tuner.

Bassoon Shaper

If you’re looking for an especially special gift for a bassoon reed maker, consider a bassoon straight shaper. A pricy item that a bassoon reed maker can use for the rest of their career, shapers are one of the most important tools in a reed maker’s kit.

Combination Mandrel and Reamer

Two tools in one! This space saving bassoon reed tool has interchangeable mandrel and reamer tips. A Combination Mandrel and Reamer is a great choice for beginning reed makers or a seasoned professional looking to save space in their tool kit.

Color Changing Mug

Many reed makers rely on caffeine to get them through their reed making sessions. Help make their work a little bit more fun with an adorable color changing Fox bassoon cartoon mug. These mugs are available in two sizes, with a variety of bassoon cartoon options.

Bassoon Reed Finishing Kit

A perfect gift for beginning reed makers! Fox bassoon reed finishing kits include a leather tool case, a combination mandrel and reamer, a reed knife, and a bassoon arrow plaque. This is also a great gift for band directors that want to adjust their student’s bassoon reeds.

Beginner Bassoonist Gifts

Bassoon Reeds

A new bassoonist can always use some more reeds! Renard Artist Bassoon Reeds are a great choice for beginning and intermediate players. These handmade reeds are well balanced, have a beautiful tone, and come in a variety of different thread colors.

Bassoon Reed Case

A bassoon reed case is a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift. Reed cases not only allow bassoon players to keep all their reeds in one place, but it also protects the reeds and allows them to dry out properly which helps prevent reeds from developing mold.


One of the best ways to take care of your bassoon is to clean it out after you play it. New swabs make it easy for new bassoonists form good habits when it comes to bassoon care and maintenance. The bassoonists at Fox recommend using a Microfiber Bassoon Wing Swab for the wing joint, and a Microfiber Bassoon Boot Swab for the boot joint.

Student Bassoon Case

Young bassoonists are often stuck carrying their bassoon in whatever old wooden case their school has lying around. A new backpack style bassoon case can make carrying around this large woodwind instrument easier and more stylish.

Seat Strap

An upgraded seat strap makes for a wonderful bassoon gift, especially for a new bassoonist. A favorite of the bassoonists at Fox, this adjustable cup style seat strap will fit on any bassoon, and the padded cup holds the bassoon without any danger of scratching the instrument.

A New Bocal

The Fox C Bocal has been the go-to student bassoon bocal for decades. A new bocal can help upgrade the feel and playability of an older instrument and having a spare bocal is always a good idea.

Gift for the Bassoon Enthusiast

Professional Bassoon Case

While some people may appreciate receiving a designer handbag or a piece of luggage as a gift, for a bassoonist, it’s hard to beat a high-quality bassoon case. The Fox Standard Bassoon Case, manufactured by the well-known case maker Marcus Bonna, is known for being a light, protective, and stylish bassoon case.

Tie-Dye Tee

Unique and fun, this Tie-Dye Fox Tee is one of our hottest sellers. Made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this shirt is as comfortable as it is trendy.

Ceramic Bassoon Ornament

Deck the halls with this beautiful ceramic bassoon ornament. Featuring one of our professional bassoons, this is a unique holiday keepsake for bassoonists that can be cherished year after year.

Bassoon Stand

We all know that the bassoon can be a cumbersome instrument. Make you favorite bassoonist’s life easier with one of our premium bassoon stands. This sturdy stand disassembles into three pieces for easy carrying and storage.

Bassoon Maple Travel Mug

A truly unique find! This travel mug features a photo from the Fox factory wood room. The artistic image gives off a sophisticated look while featuring the bassoon in a classy and unexpected way.

Contrabassoonist Gifts

Ceramic Ornament

How fun is this ceramic contrabassoon ornament? A thoughtful and unique ornament will be cherished by just about anyone that loves the contrabassoon. Ceramic ornaments are also available with our other double reed cartoon characters, so consider gifting an entire set!

A New Bocal

An essential item for contrabassoon playing! Just like bocals make great gifts for bassoonists, they make great gifts for contrabassoon players as well. A new bocal can help take an instrumentalist’s playing to the next level.

Color Changing Mug

One of our most popular gift items, this color changing mug is sure to be a hit. Featuring our contrabassoon playing cartoon fox, this is a perfect gift for the contrabassoonist that loves warm beverages.

Contra Stand

Life for a contrabassoonist is much easier when they have a trustworthy stand for their instrument. With a felt-lined instrument support, this reliable stand has a compact folding design that make it easy to transport to and from rehearsals and performances.

A Notebook

Give them the gift of taking notes in style with this unique contrabassoon notebook. Sized to fit in an instrument case, this notebook is spiral bound with 118 rule lined pages.



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