Fox Model 750

With a name commemorating Fox Products’ 75th anniversary, the Fox Model 750 is the result of years of development, innovation, and collaboration with some of the world’s top bassoonists and pedagogues. This new offering combines the mechanical stability and consistency for which Fox Products is known with the power and flexibility required by the most discerning professional bassoonists. The 750 has an exceptional core to its sound at all dynamic levels, and the tenor register has outstanding ease and stability without compromising pitch in its rich low register. Additionally, it has thicker walls and a robust sound made to carry over a large orchestra while still providing a beautiful tone. This bassoon offers flexibility and an even scale, resulting in a bassoon that is just as compelling to play as it is to hear.

Exciting New Features

Fox Model 750

Standard Features

  • Hand-selected and aged mountain maple body with bordeaux finish
  • Silver-plated keys, posts, bands, and boot cap
  • Long bell compact model
  • French bell ring (metal)
  • Lining in wing joint and small bore of the boot
  • Wood hand rest
  • Neck strap ring
  • Cork wrapped tenons
  • Balance hanger
  • Limited edition 75th Anniversary boot band engraving

Standard Keywork

  • Full German key system
  • Adjustable whisper key mechanism
  • Low profile whisper key lock
  • High E key
  • High D key
  • High A bridge to whisper key
  • Ring key for left hand third finger
  • Right hand E♭ trill with alternate C♯ position
  • Ergonomic right thumb keys
  • Right thumb A♭-B♭ trill
  • Rollers for left little finger E♭ and D♭
  • Rollers for left thumb whisper key and C♯
  • Rollers for left thumb low C and D
  • Rollers for right thumb B♭ and F♯
  • Ergonomic keys and rollers for right little finger F♯, F, and A♭
  • Adjustable A tone hole vent



“The 750 has elevated my concept of what’s possible in a bassoon. Not only can I now make music more freely; at the end of a long show, it’s remarkable how human I feel. Put simply, in everything from the sound, to the flexibility, to the scale, to the keywork, the Model 750 makes it easier than ever to make music the way I want!”

Fox Artist William Short

Principal Bassoon, The Metropolitan Opera

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