Charles Double Reed Company Dealer Spotlight

Jan 26, 2022 | Dealer Spotlight | 0 comments

We are incredibly proud to partner with our network of knowledgeable Fox Products dealers from all around the world. We’ll be highlighting a different Fox dealer each month. This month, learn a little bit more about Charles Double Read Company.

What is your company name?
Charles Double Reed Company

Where are you located?
Conway, New Hampshire

How long has Charles Double Reed Company been in business?
36 years

Who owns the business and how did it start?
Brian Charles founded the company in NYC while attending conservatory. He worked for and bought the double reed department of Ponte’s which was the premiere double reed center on storied 48th Street. He moved the company to New Hampshire once the internet allowed. Our first retail website was on the internet before Amazon!

How many employees do you have?

What expertise and services do you have to offer customers looking for a Fox instrument?
Our staff are trained double reed players, with decades of experience, focused entirely on double reed players. We carry ONLY the Fox brand of new instruments, as we believe in them so strongly.

What is your favorite model Fox or Renard instrument?
Choosing one is to leave out so many fine instruments. Perhaps the Fox Model II deserves special recognition as the “grandfather” of the Fox line of bassoons. The new “Tristan” English horn is simply superior to all other brands. The Renard Protégé 333 is also a special instrument. It has generations of history as the first oboe of many professional players.

A fun fact, or anything else you’d like to add?
We have donated dozens of instruments and many boxes of double reed supplies to young players in Zambia, Kenya, Haiti, and Post-Soviet countries. Our outreach grows yearly, and we welcome all who wish to help to let us know. Most needed are gently used tools, repair items, serviceable instruments, and reed making supplies. One of our contacts in Zambia had used the same oboe reed for four years!


To contact Charles Double Reed Company or learn more, visit



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