Fox Model 900

The Fox Contrabassoon Model 900 was introduced in 1971 and continues to be preferred by the most discriminating performers in premier orchestras, opera companies, music schools, and conservatories all over the world.

Standard Features

  • Select, aged maple body
  • Removable inner U-tubes

Standard Keywork

  • Full German key system with silver plating
  • Alternate right little finger F♯ and right forefinger E♭
  • Right little finger F and A♭ rollers
  • Left little finger E♭ and D♭ rollers
  • Water key on tuning slide


  • Two Fox contrabassoon bocals


  • Premium aluminum shell case, custom made for Fox contrabassoons
  • Two contrabassoon reeds
  • End pin
  • Fingering chart

Additional Options

  • Maple finished in mahogany
  • Alternate E♭ keys (5 options)
  • Alternate vent keys (4 types)
  • Divorced low E mechanism
  • E-F♯ trill key
  • Thumb G♯ spatula
  • Rollers for wing C and E♭ keys
  • Custom keys

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