Keywork Options


Common Professional Bassoon Keywork Options

Standard High E Key

Offset High E Key

Offset High E and F Mechanism

Thumb A♭- B♭ Trill Key

Articulated A♭ - B♭ Trill Key with B♭ Spectacle Guard

Rollers on B and F♯ with Standard E

Rollers on C♯, Whisper Key, Low C and D

Rollers on B♭, E, F♯ and A♭

High A Bridge

(Standard on all Professional Models)

Double Wide F♯ with Roller

Right Hand Whisper Key Lock

(Standard on all Artist Models)

Right Hand E♭ Trill with Offset C♯ Trill Mechanism

Rotary Right Hand Whisper Key Lock

(Standard on all Professional Models)

Low C♯ Mechanism

Left Hand Whisper Key Lock

Little Finger Whisper Key Mechanism

Left Hand E♭ Trill Key

(Standard on all Professional Models)

Balance Hanger

Two Piece Bass Joint in Compact Case

(Available on Models 680, 660, 601, 201, and II)

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