Michael Dicker Double Reed Services Dealer Spotlight

Jan 16, 2022 | Dealer Spotlight | 0 comments

We are incredibly proud to partner with our network of knowledgeable Fox Products dealers from all around the world. We’ll be highlighting a different Fox dealer each month. This month, learn a little bit more about Michael Dicker Double Reed Services.

What is your company name?
Michael Dicker Double Reed Services

Where are you located?
Normal, Illinois

How long have you been in business?
38 years

Who owns the business and how did it start?
Thanks to my close relationship with Alan Fox, I was “installed” as an official dealer in 1983 in Maumee, Ohio. The dealership continued following my move to Normal, IL in 1986

How many employees do you have?
Me, myself, and I.

What expertise and services do you have to offer customers looking for a Fox instrument?
I have played every Fox/Renard bassoon and owned most every model since beginning my work with Alan in 1979. I presented Fox and Renard bassoons in Germany, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. I have also worked with dealers in those countries helping them to better serve their bassoon customers. From 1987 until 2012 I served as a bassoon repair tech in the service department of Fox Products every summer! I am intimately knowledgeable about how the instruments are constructed and I know bassoonists, their needs, and their foibles. I am also originally an oboist and have been active selling and promoting Fox oboes.

I am proud of the fact that since 2016 I have been the featured presenter for NAPBIRT (The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians) as the instructor for “Bassoon University” which is a week long course in bassoon repair taught to instrument repair techs from throughout the U.S.

What is your favorite model Fox or Renard instrument?
I have come full circle as I have recently acquired a Model II made most likely by Hugo Fox in 1964. I am in LOVE with this bassoon! I have played two performances with it recently and am about to begin my work this season as Principal Bassoon of Peoria Symphony and Heartland Festival Orchestra with this wonderful instrument. I am also a particular fan of all the polypropylene bassoons produced by Fox.

A fun fact, or anything else you’d like to add?
Best meal I have ever eaten was with Alan Fox in the City Castle of Martina Franca, Italy. Our host was the mayor of the town who honored us thanks to his friendship with the local music shop owner. I still remember the incredible menu!


To contact Michael Dicker or learn more, visit www.mddoublereed.com



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