Instrument Repair at Fox Products

Fox Products offers a wide variety of repair services. All repair services are completed at our Factory in South Whitley, IN, where we exclusively repair oboes, English horns, bassoons, and contrabassoons manufactured by Fox Products. 

As our repair schedule fills up quickly, it is recommended that repair customers schedule their instrument services as far in advance as possible. All appointments are scheduled first come, first served. Summers and school breaks tend to be the busiest times for repair at Fox Products, so these appointments are often booked months in advance.  

To keep your instrument in the best shape possible, and to ensure that it has a long, reliable playing life, we find the best way to take care of your oboe, English horn, bassoon, or contrabassoon is to have your instrument sent in for repair once per year. Furthermore, sending your instrument in for service every year can often be more cost effective and less expensive than having to pay for large, extensive repairs on a less frequent basis. 


The following is a list of some of our most popular repair services. 

      •  Warranty Service
      •  Annual Service 
      •  Complete Service 
      •  Repadding 
      •  Silver Replating 
      •  Key Replacement 
      •  Joint Replacement 
      •  Custom Keywork 

For more information about the repair services offered at Fox Products, or to schedule a repair for your Fox or Renard double reed instrument, send an email to, call us directly at the factory at (260)723-4888, or fill out the form below. 

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