Saied Music Company Dealer Spotlight

Jan 26, 2022 | Dealer Spotlight | 0 comments

We are incredibly proud to partner with our network of knowledgeable Fox Products dealers from all around the world. We’ll be highlighting a different Fox dealer each month. This month, learn a little bit more about Saied Music.

What is your company name?
Saied Music Company

Where are you located?
We have 6 locations! Two locations are in Tulsa, Oklahoma; others are in Sherman, Texas; Fort Smith, Arkansas; North Little Rock, Arkansas; and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

How long have you been in business?
76 years

About how many employees do you have?
Between 50 and 75

Who owns the business and how did it start?
Saied Music Company was established in January of 1946 by James G. Saied. As a band director in Central Oklahoma, Mr. Saied thought more could be done to enhance the services provided by local music stores. He was driven to start a company with an emphasis on servicing school music programs. In 1967, Mr. Saied’s son, James Robert (Bob) Saied joined the company. In 1985, James Saied retired and sold his interest in the company to his son, Bob. Bob Saied is the current owner of Saied Music.

What expertise and services do you have to offer customers looking for a Fox instrument?
Our employees are determined to make sure students are getting products that will enhance their sound and products that are fun to play. This is why we sell Fox instruments. We sell products with the most value in the music industry and display, demonstrate, and provide service for the products we sell.

What is your favorite model Fox or Renard instrument?
Fox Model 41 Bassoon.

A fun fact, or anything else you’d like to add?
Saied Music Company is the oldest family-owned music company in Oklahoma!



To contact Saied Music Company or learn more, visit



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